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Interlibrary Loans


Questions? The librarians at the Reference Desk are happy to assist.

Here's a link to an informative brochure about Interlibrary Loans

Minuteman Library Network Transfers

Minuteman Library Network (MLN) patrons in good standing may place requests for materials through the online catalog, at the library or at home.

To place a request, you will need your

  • library card number or user name and
  • password or PIN number. You can create a password at the circulation desk or online at

Delivery Time

  • Items listed in the MLN catalog take an average of 3-7 business days to arrive in Lincoln, this applies only to items that are on the shelf & available.  If the item is currently checked out you will be placed on a reserve list. The Library receives a delivery of requested materials Monday - Friday.
  • If you need an item faster it may be best to contact the owning library and they can put it aside for you to pick up there.


When the requested title arrives, you will be notified by email or phone. The hold shelf clock begins when you receive your notification

Time Limit: You are given 7 days to pick up your request.

If you are unable to collect the requested item within 7 days, please call the Reference Desk to see if we can hold it another day or two. We can also check out the title to you so it will not be sent back to the owning library.  (If the title has a waiting list, we can't keep it longer  than 7 days, or check it out  before passing it along to the next person in line.)

Materials not listed in the MLN Catalog:

♦Statewide searching via Commonwealth Catalog (ComCat)

Funded through the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners Comcat is comprised of 14 library networks, including both public & academic libraries. If MLN doesn't have an item please click on the link to Comcat in the MLN website.

To Request an item from Comcat:

  • You will need your library card number, usernames aren't accepted at Comcat and your MLN password.
  • You can log in at anytime to see the status of your account and where in the process your requests are.
  • You are allowed up to 10 active requests at a time.
  • Items circulate for 28 days. 
  • There are no renewals for Comcat items.

♦Nation-wide searching via WorldCat (Interlibrary Loan)

Please see a reference librarian for assistance.  

Item requested

  • Item must be have a publication date of one previous year.
  • If a MLN member owns the item, you will directed to place a reserve for that item unless the MLN item is missing or damaged.

I've requested an item -- where is it?

  • The owning library has complete discretion over whether they will send the item or not.
  • Within a day or two of our request we will  only hear from the library if they are not sending the item.
  • Once the item is en route, we are unable to track the item. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict when the item will arrive at the Lincoln Library. 

Delivery & Return

  • Interlibrary loans from outside MLN take longer on average, from a few weeks to a month.
  • These items may only be returned to the Lincoln Library. They will have a notice on them to alert you to this.

Loan Period:

  • Ill items will have different loan periods, depending on the source. The lending library determines how long they will allow the item to circulate: one week, one month, or something in between.
  • Consequences of a late return: The Lincoln Public Library and MLN may lose borrowing privileges from the lending library.
  • Renewals: Items may only be renewed at the discretion of the owning library. Please contact the ILL department here at the Lincoln Public Library if you wish to renew an item. Please let us know before the actual due date.  We will contact the owning library to determine if it is possible. If they deny the request the item must be returned to the Lincoln Library.

Fines & Fees:

  • $1.00 per day for overdue materials
  • $5.00 for missing green book band at time of return
  • $100.00 default per item for lost materials; usually the cost is determined by the owning library.


There are cost associated with borrowing items from outside the Minuteman Library Network. Some owning libraries charge fees to borrow their items. The Lincoln Public Library has paid these costs (both postage & handling fees). For this reason we ask that you

  • Please remember we can't control when or how many reserves will come to you at the same time.
  • Consider how much material you will be able to use at one time, and pace your requests accordingly.

 Thank you!

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