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Obituary Database

Search here for the location of obituaries in the library's collection. We have microfilms of obituaries from the following sources:

  1. The Fence Viewer from 9/17/1959 to 12/26/1974
  2. The Concord Journal from 7/11/1974 to 12/31/1984
  3. The Lincoln Journal from 1/1/1985 through the most recent microfilm reel

To locate a listing, enter any part of a name - for example, Adam will find Adams, McAdam, etc., OR, enter a date in one of these formats: YYYY, M/YYYY or M/D/YYYY.

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Last Name First Name DOD Obituary
Abbott Diana Asken
née Ballin
Sep 07, 2001 Lincoln Journal
Sep 20, 2001 Pg 15
Abbott John James Jan 06, 1995 Lincoln Journal
Jan 12, 1995 Pg 4
Abele Bradford Lincoln May 04, 2008 Lincoln Journal
May 08, 2008 Pg 15
Adams Lucy D. May 03, 1990 Lincoln Journal
May 10, 1990 Pg 7
Adams Frederick Ogden Feb 10, 1993 Lincoln Journal
Feb 18, 1993 Pg 4
Adams Bertha
née Sowards
Mar 31, 1972 Fence Viewer
Apr 06, 1972 Pg 5
Adams Ramelle Cochrane Apr 07, 2004 Lincoln Journal
Apr 15, 2004 Pg 23
Adams Virginia Wadsorth Jun 05, 2011 Lincoln Journal
Jun 16, 2011 Pg 7
Adams Ethel S. Nov 10, 1998 Lincoln Journal
Nov 19, 1998 Pg 15
Adams Thomas Boylston Jun 04, 1997 Lincoln Journal
Jun 12, 1997 Pg 3

Vault Information

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Materials may be viewed by apppointment with the archivist.

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