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Sunday's hours
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Sunday's hours
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New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections.You can connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465.

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New Fiction

Fiction - Alam Alam, Rumaan, That kind of mother
Fiction - Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay, The high tide club
Fiction - Baldacci Baldacci, David, The fallen
Fiction - Blundell Blundell, Judy, The high season :;a novel
Fiction - Broder Broder, Melissa, The pisces :;a novel
Fiction - Cantor Cantor, Joanna, Alternative remedies for loss
Fiction - Carew Carew, Leo, The wolf.;Book one,;Under the northern sk
Fiction - Cohen Cohen, Elisabeth, The glitch :;a novel
Fiction - Connolly Connolly, John, He :;a novel
Fiction - Couto Couto, Mia, Woman of the ashes
Fiction - DeWitt Dewitt, Helen, Some trick :;thirteen stories
Fiction - Fine Fine, Julia, What should be wild :;a novel
Fiction - Freeman Freeman, Brian, Alter ego :;a Jonathan Stride novel
Fiction - Gabel Gabel, Aja, The ensemble :;a novel
Fiction - Gable Gable, Michelle, The summer I met Jack
Fiction - Goldberg Goldberg, Lee, True fiction :;an Ian Ludlow thriller
Fiction - Goodman Goodman, Joanna, The home for unwanted girls :;a novel
Fiction - Harrod-Eagles Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Treacherous hear
Fiction - Heath Heath, Sandra Ann, Unrest :;a novel
Fiction - Heti Heti, Sheila, Motherhood
Fiction - Hirshberg Hirshberg, David, My mother's son :;a novel
Fiction - Hyde Hyde, Elisabeth, Go ask Fannie
Fiction - Iggulden Iggulden, Conn, The abbot's tale :;a novel
Fiction - Jewell Jewell, Lisa, Then she was gone :;a novel
Fiction - Kidd Kidd, Jess, Mr. Flood's last resort :;a novel
Fiction - King King, Stephen, The outsider :;a novel
Fiction - Kitson Kitson, Mick, Sal
Fiction - Klein Klein, Randall, Little disasters
Fiction - Knoll Knoll, Jessica, The favorite sister :;a novel
Fiction - Koontz Koontz, Dean R. The crooked staircase :;a Jane Hawk novel
Fiction - Koryta Koryta, Michael, How it happened
Fiction - Kushner Kushner, Rachel, The mars room
Fiction - Levine Levine, Jessica, Nothing forgotten :;a novel
Fiction - Lock Lock, Norman, The wreckage of Eden
Fiction - Mackintosh Mackintosh, Clare, Let me lie
Fiction - McCauley McCauley, Stephen, My ex-life
Fiction - McConnell McConnell, Thomas, The wooden king
Fiction - McKenzie McKenzie, Catherine, The good liar
Fiction - McKinnon McKinnon, Hannah Mary, The neighbors
Fiction - Murnane Murnane, Gerald, Border districts :;a fiction
Fiction - Murnane Murnane, Gerald, Stream system :;the collected short fiction of Gerald Murnane
Fiction - Neale Neale, Jen, Land mammals and sea creatures :;a novel
Fiction - Neuvel Neuvel, Sylvain, Only human
Fiction - Ondaatje Ondaatje, Michael, Warlight
Fiction - Orringer Orringer, Julie. The invisible bridge
Fiction - Palahniuk Palahniuk, Chuck, Adjustment day
Fiction - Patterson Patterson, James, Fifty fifty
Fiction - Penn Penn, Sean, Bob Honey who just do stuff :;a novel
Fiction - Phillips Phillips, Caryl, A view of the empire at sunset
Fiction - Pitts Pitts, Leonard, Grant Park
Fiction - Powers Powers, Kevin, A shout in the ruins
Fiction - Quick Quick, Amanda, The other lady vanishes
Fiction - Ramli Ramlī, Muḥsin, The president's gardens
Fiction - Sandford Sandford, John, Twisted prey
Fiction - Sharp Sharp, Adrienne, The magnificent Esme Wells :;a novel
Fiction - Shepard Shepard, Sam, Spy of the first person
Fiction - Shepard Shepard, Sara, The Elizas :;a novel
Fiction - Simsion Simsion, Graeme C., Two steps forward :;a novel
Fiction - Sittenfeld Sittenfeld, Curtis, You think it, I'll say it :;stories
Fiction - Spalding Spalding, Linda, A reckoning
Fiction - Summerfield Summerfield, Zulema Renee, Every other weekend :;a novel
Fiction - Trevor Trevor, William, Last stories
Fiction - Trollope Trollope, Joanna, An unsuitable match
Fiction - Wagamese Wagamese, Richard, Indian horse :;a novel
Fiction - Weir Weir, Alison, Jane Seymour, the haunted queen :;a novel
Fiction - Winthrop Winthrop, Elizabeth Hartley, The mercy seat :;a novel
Fiction - Zadoorian Zadoorian, Michael, Beautiful music
Fiction -Pettus Pettus, Charlton, Exit strategy :;a novel

  New Nonfiction



142.7 Marino Marino, Gordon Daniel, The existentialist's survival guide :;
155.2 Chung Chung, Michaela, The year of the introvert :;
155.6 Rauch Rauch, Jonathan, The happiness curve :;
294.3 Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, The foundation of buddhist practice
302.12 Rosling Rosling, Hans, Factfulness :;
303.486 Reese Reese, Byron, The fourth age :;
306.36 Hurston Hurston, Zora Neale, Barracoon :;the story of the last black cargo
306.362 May May, Rachel An American quilt :;
306.7 Sex   The sex issue
306.87 Chabon Chabon, Michael, Pops :;fatherhood in pieces
323 Bell Bell, Janet Dewart. Lighting the fires of freedom :;
327.5 Moment   Moment of truth :
327.73 McFaul McFaul, Michael, From Cold War to hot peace :;
330 Varoufakis Varoufakis, Yanis, Talking to my daughter about the economy,
331.4 Bloodworth Bloodworth, James Hired :;six months undercover in low-wage Britain
362 Leder Leder, Jane Mersky, Dead serious :;breaking the cycle of teen suicide 
362.19 Peters Peters, Rebecca Todd, Trust women :;
362.21 Horn Horn, Stacy, Damnation Island :
362.29 Sederer Sederer, Lloyd I., The addiction solution :
362.86 Coburn Coburn, Tom A. Friendly fire :;death, delay and dismay at the V
364.153 King King, Gilbert, Beneath a ruthless sun :;
364.153 Not   Not that bad :;dispatches from rape culture
364.16 Johnson Johnson, Kirk W., The feather thief :;beauty, 
372.4 Mackenzie Mackenzie, Sarah, The read-aloud family :
379.2 Devlin Devlin, Rachel, A girl stands at the door :;
508 Heinrich Heinrich, Bernd, A naturalist at large :;
530.11 Rovelli Rovelli, Carlo, The order of time
551.7 Childs Childs, Craig, Atlas of a lost world :;travels in ice age America
567.9 Brusatte Brusatte, Stephen, The rise and fall of the dinosaurs :;a
577.5 Schilthuizen Schilthuizen, Menno, Darwin comes to town :;
590 Attenborough Attenborough, David, Adventures of a young naturalist :
610 Shapiro Shapiro, Nina, Hype :;
615.78 Pollan Pollan, Michael, How to change your mind :;
616.852 Wilson Wilson, Sarah First, we make the beast beautiful :;
616.99 Cohen Cohen, Jay S., Prostate cancer breakthroughs
616.99 Funk Funk, Kristi, Breasts :;the owner's manual : 
618.2 O'Connell O'Connell, Meaghan, And now we have everything :;
618.92 Keene Keene, Nancy, Childhood leukemia :;
620 Winchester Winchester, Simon, The perfectionists :
629.4 Stern Stern, Alan, Chasing New Horizons :;
630.9 Berry Berry, Wendell, The world-ending fire :;
635 O'Byrne O'Byrne, Marietta, A tapestry garden :;
637.1 Kurlansky Kurlansky, Mark, Milk! :;a 10,000-year food fracas
640 Dimmick Dimmick, Christine, Detox your home :
641.5 Chapple Chapple, Justin, Just cook it! 
641.5 Old   The Old farmer's almanac colonial cookbook
641.5636 Sarno Sarno, Chad, The wicked healthy cookbook :;free from animals
641.578 Bittman Bittman, Mark, How to grill everything :
641.58 Multicooker   Multicooker perfection :;
641.71 How   How to roast everything :;a
641.76 Raichlen Raichlen, Steven, Project fire :;
648.5 Magnusson Magnusson, Margareta The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning :
650.1 Gino Gino, Francesca, Rebel Talent :
708.144 Nielsen Nielsen, Christina, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum :;a guide
709.04 Morris Morris, Desmond, The lives of the surrealists
746.434 Mullett-Bowlsby Mullett-Bowlsby, Shannon, Complete crochet course :
746.46 Van Der Heijden Van der Heijden, Juliet, Animal quilts :;
782.14 Historians   Historians on Hamilton :;
782.4 Walsh Walsh, Ryan H., Astral weeks :;a secret history of 1968
791.43029 Jayne Jayne, Erika, Pretty mess
791.43029 WILLIAMS, R. Itzkoff Itzkoff, Dave Robin
822.33 Greenblatt Greenblatt, Stephen, Tyrant :;Shakespeare on politics
824 Hampl Hampl, Patricia, The art of the wasted day
824 Holt Holt, Jim, When Einstein walked with Gödel :;
824 Russo Russo, Richard, The destiny thief :
828 Theroux Theroux, Paul, Figures in a landscape :;
910 Bonnett Bonnett, Alastair, Beyond the map :;
921 Bragg Bragg, Rick, The best cook in the world :
921 CHRISTIE Thompson Thompson, Laura, Agatha Christie :;a mysterious life
921 Knausgard Knausgård, Karl Ove, Spring
921 WILSON O'Toole O'Toole, Patricia, The moralist 
943.086 Hett Hett, Benjamin Carter, The death of democracy :;
964 Calderwood Calderwood, Eric, Colonial al-Andalus :
967.57 Wamariya Wamariya, Clemantine, The girl who smiled beads :
973.3 Wren Wren, Christopher S. Those turbulent sons of freedom :
973.926 Eizenstat Eizenstat, Stuart, President Carter :;the White House years
973.932 Chozick Chozick, Amy, Chasing Hillary :;


DVD - Adieu   Adieu Marx
DVD - All   All Saints
DVD - All   All the money in the world
DVD - Annabelle   Annabelle.;Creation
DVD - BPM   BPM (Beats per minute)
DVD - Brokenwood [TV Series Series 4]   The Brokenwood mysteries.;Series 4
DVD - Call   Call me by your name
DVD - Cemetery   The cemetery club
DVD - Chasing   Chasing the dragon
DVD - Child   The child in time
DVD - Doctor [TV Series Twice]   Doctor Who.;Twice upon a time
DVD - Downsizing   Downsizing
DVD - Eight   Eight films by Jean Rouch
DVD - Father   Father figures
DVD - Felicite   Félicité
DVD - Fencer   The fencer
DVD - Genius [TV Series Season one]   Genius.;Season one,;Einstein
DVD - Geostorm   Geostorm
DVD - Goodbye   Goodbye Christopher Robin
DVD - Greatest   The greatest showman
DVD - Harmonium   Harmonium
DVD - Heat   Heat and dust
DVD - I   I, Daniel Blake
DVD - In   In her name
DVD - In   In the fade
DVD - Junior   Junior Bonner
DVD - Justice   Justice league
DVD - Kameradschaft   Kameradschaft
DVD - King's   The king's choice
DVD - Last   Last flag flying
DVD - Last   Der Letzte Mann
DVD - Long   Long, long traile
DVD - Lucky   Lucky
DVD - Maigret   Maigret sets a tra
DVD - Man   The man in the glass booth
DVD - Marjorie   Marjorie Prime
DVD - Molly's   Molly's game
DVD - Moon   Moon in the 12th house
DVD - Mr. [TV Series Season_2.0]   Mr. Robot.;Season 2
DVD - Mr. [TV Series Season_3.0]   Mr. Robot.;Season_3.0
DVD - Newton's [TV Series Season1]   Newton's law.;Season 1
DVD - Night   Night of the lepus
DVD - Nonfic. - Community Interest - Up   Up close and personal with lions, leopad
DVD - Only   Only the brave
DVD - Permanent   Permanent
DVD - Phantom   Phantom thread
DVD - Please   Please stand by
DVD - Post   The Post
DVD - Rio   Rio-rainbow gate!
DVD - Roman   Roman J. Israel, Esq.
DVD - Santa   Santa & Andres
DVD - Shape   The shape of water
DVD - Sleeping   Sleeping giant
DVD - Star   Star Wars.;Episode VIII,;The last Jedi
DVD - Student   The student
DVD - Taboo [TV Series Season one]   Taboo.;Season one
DVD - Teacher   The teacher
DVD - Thor   Thor, Ragnarok
DVD - Woodpeckers   Woodpeckers
DVD - Wound   Inxeba =;The wound


New Mysteries


Mystery - Atkins Atkins, Ace, Robert B. Parker's old black magic :;a Spencer novel
Mystery - Bannalec Bannalec, Jean-Luc, The Fleur de Sel murders :;a Brittany mystery
Mystery - Clark Clark, Becky, Fiction can be murder
Mystery - Cleeves Cleeves, Ann, The glass room
Mystery - Griffiths Griffiths, Elly, The dark angel
Mystery - Johansen Johansen, Iris, Shattered mirror
Mystery - Kutscher Kutscher, Volker, The silent death
Mystery - Lepionka Lepionka, Kristen, What you want to see
Mystery - Mark Mark, David John, Dead pretty
Mystery - Meredith Meredith, Anne, Portrait of a murderer :;a Christmas crime story
Mystery - Millar Millar, Margaret, Collected Millar :;the master at her zenith
Mystery - Mourra Mourra, Mary Helen The Patagonia file

New Large Print Books

LT - Bloom Bloom, Amy, White houses :;a novel
LT - Bohjalian Bohjalian, Chris, The flight attendant :;a novel
LT - Carr Carr, Robyn, Any day now
LT - Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Depraved heart :;a Scarpetta novel
LT - Deaver Deaver, Jeffery, The cutting edge :;a Lincoln Rhyme novel
LT - Dev Dev, Sonali, A distant heart
LT - Drabble Drabble, Margaret, The dark flood rises
LT - Frankel Frankel, Laurie, This is how it always is
LT - Frazier Frazier, Charles, Varina :;a novel
LT - Hannah Hannah, Kristin, The great alone
LT - Harris Harris, Robert, Munich
LT - Hendricks Hendricks, Greer, The wife between us
LT - Hurwitz Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, Hellbent
LT - Jones Jones, Tayari, An American marriage
LT - Kerr Kerr, Philip, Greeks bearing gifts
LT - Kinsella Kinsella, Sophie, Surprise me
LT - Koryta Koryta, Michael, How it happened
LT - Krauss Krauss, Nicole, Forest dark :;a novel
LT - Leon Leon, Donna, The temptation of forgiveness
LT - Mangan Mangan, Christine, Tangerine
LT - Margolin Margolin, Phillip, The third victim
LT - Margolis Margolis, Sue, Days like these
LT - McDermott McDermott, Alice, The ninth hour
LT - Myst - Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, Queen Anne's lace
LT - Myst - Black Black, Benjamin, Wolf on a string
LT - Myst - Bowen Bowen, Rhys, In Farleigh Field :;a novel
LT - Myst - Box Box, C. J., The disappeared
LT - Myst - Connolly Connolly, Sheila, A late frost
LT - Myst - French French, Nicci, Sunday silence
LT - Myst - George George, Elizabeth, The punishment she deserves :;a Lynley novel
LT - Myst - Jance Jance, Judith A., Duel to the death :;an Ali Reynolds novel
LT - Myst - Lovesey Lovesey, Peter, Another one goes tonight :;a Peter Diamond investigation
LT - Myst - Maron Maron, Margaret, Take out
LT - Myst - Muller Muller, Marcia, The color of fear
LT - Myst - Nesbo Nesbø, Jo, Macbeth
LT - Myst - Perry Perry, Anne, Twenty-one days :;a Daniel Pitt novel
LT - Myst - Pronzini Pronzini, Bill, The bags of tricks affair
LT - Myst - Winspear Winspear, Jacqueline, To die but once :;a Maisie Dobbs novel
LT - Ondaatje Ondaatje, Michael, Warlight :;a novel
LT - Patterson Patterson, James, The 17th suspect
LT - Patterson Patterson, James, Fifty, fifty
LT - Patterson Patterson, James, Princess
LT - Patterson Patterson, James, Red Alert
LT - Powers Powers, Kevin, A shout in the ruins :;a novel
LT - Sandford Sandford, John, Twisted prey
LT - Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, After Anna
LT - Sittenfeld Sittenfeld, Curtis, You think it, I'll say it :;stories
LT - Steel Steel, Danielle, The cast :;a novel
LT - Trevor Trevor, William, A bit on the sid
LT - Wolitzer Wolitzer, Meg Female persuasio
LT - Woods Woods, Stuart, Barely legal
LT - Woods Woods, Stuart, Fast & loose
LT 362.6 Loverde Loverde, Joy, Who will take care of me when I'm old? :;
LT 510.92 Shetterly Shetterly, Margot Lee, Hidden figures :;
LT 523.1 Lightman Lightman, Alan P., Searching for stars on an island in Maine
LT 973.933 Isikoff Isikoff, Michael, Russian roulette :;

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