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New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections.You can connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465.

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New Fiction

Fiction - Abbott Abbott, Patricia I Bring Sorrow: And Other Stories of Transgressio
Fiction - Abrahamson Abrahamson, Emmy, How to fall in love with a man who lives in a bush :;a novel
Fiction - Aliu Aliu, Xhenet, Brass :;a novel
Fiction - Andersen Andersen, Laura, The darkling bride :;a novel
Fiction - Ausubel Ausubel, Ramona, Awayland :;stories
Fiction - Ball Ball, Jesse, Census
Fiction - Barnhill Barnhill, Kelly Regan, Dreadful young ladies and other stories
Fiction - Bell Bell, Natasha, Exhibit Alexandra :;a novel
Fiction - Benson Benson, Adrienne, The brightest sun
Fiction - Berry Berry, Steve, The bishop's pawn
Fiction - Bloom Bloom, Amy, White houses :;a novel
Fiction - Bradbury Bradbury, Jamey, The wild inside :;a novel
Fiction - Brown Brown, Taylor, Gods of Howl Mountain :;a novel
Fiction - Carroll Carroll, James, The cloister :;a novel
Fiction - Cavanagh Cavanagh, Steve, The plea
Fiction - Church Church, Elizabeth J., All the beautiful girls :;a novel
Fiction - Clarke Clarke, Brock, The price of the haircut
Fiction - Cussler Cussler, Clive, The rising sea :;a novel from the NUMA files
Fiction - Darznik Darznik, Jasmin, Song of a captive bird :;a novel
Fiction - De Kretser De Kretser, Michelle, The life to come :;a novel
Fiction - De los Santos De los Santos, Marisa, I'll be your blue sky
Fiction - Dibben Dibben, Damian, Tomorrow
Fiction - Duffy Duffy, Brendan, The storm king :;a novel
Fiction - Fischer Fischer, B. K., Radioapocrypha
Fiction - Forna Forna, Aminatta, Happiness
Fiction - Fu Fu, Kim, The lost girls of Camp Forevermore
Fiction - Genova Genova, Lisa, Every note played :;a novel
Fiction - Goldberg Goldberg, Paul, The château
Fiction - Goodkind Goodkind, Terry, The girl in the moon
Fiction - Greaney Greaney, Mark, Agent in place
Fiction - Greathead Greathead, Kate, Laura & Emma :;a novel
Fiction - Gutcheon Gutcheon, Beth Richardson, The affliction :;a novel
Fiction - Halliday Halliday, Lisa, Asymmetry
Fiction - Harper Harper, Jane Force of nature :;a novel
Fiction - Henderson Henderson, Susan, The flicker of old dreams :;a novel
Fiction - Hepworth Hepworth, Sally, The family next door
Fiction - Holbert Holbert, Bruce, Whiskey
Fiction - Hollinghurst Hollinghurst, Alan, The Sparsholt affair
Fiction - Iweala Iweala, Uzodinma, Speak no evil :;a novel
Fiction - Johnson Johnson, Chelsey, Stray city :;a novel
Fiction - Kaneshiro Kaneshiro, Kazuki, Go
Fiction - Katsu Katsu, Alma, The hunger :;a novel
Fiction - Kauffman Kauffman, Rebecca, The Gunners :;a novel
Fiction - Kaufman Kaufman, Nick Where the light enter
Fiction - Kistulentz Kistulentz, Steve, Panorama :;a novel
Fiction - Lescroart Lescroart, John T., Poison :;a novel
Fiction - Lippman Lippman, Laura, Sunburn :;a novel
Fiction - Lombardo Lombardo, A. G., Graffiti palace
Fiction - Lukas Lukas, Michael David, The last watchman of Old Cairo :;a novel
Fiction - Lynch Lynch, Christina, The Italian party :;a novel
Fiction - Lyon Lyon, Rachel, Self-portrait with boy :;a novel
Fiction - Mackenzie Mackenzie, Ian, Feast days :;a novel
Fiction - Mackin Mackin, Will, Bring out the dog :;stories
Fiction - Macy Macy, Caitlin, Mrs. :;a novel
Fiction - Malmquist Malmquist, Tom, In every moment we are still alive
Fiction - Margolin Margolin, Phillip, The third victim
Fiction - McBride McBride, Sarah, Tomorrow will be different :;love, loss, and the fight for trans equality
Fiction - McCloskey McCloskey, Molly, Straying :;a novel
Fiction - McIlvain McIlvain, Ryan, The radicals
Fiction - Meltzer Meltzer, Brad, The escape artist
Fiction - Miles Miles, Jonathan, Anatomy of a miracle :;the true* story of a paralyzed veteran, a Mississippi convenience store, a Vatican investigation, and the spectacular perils of grace : *a novel
Fiction - Nye Nye, Michael, All the castles burned :;a novel
Fiction - Oliveira Oliveira, Robin, Winter sisters
Fiction - Ortberg Ortberg, Mallory, The merry spinster :;tales of everyday horror
Fiction - Pagan Pagán, Camille, Woman last seen in her thirties
Fiction - Petrie Petrie, Nicholas, Light it up
Fiction - Quindlen Quindlen, Anna, Alternate side :;a novel
Fiction - Rachman Rachman, Tom, The Italian teacher
Fiction - Rao Rao, Shobha, Girls burn brighter
Fiction - Sarvas Sarvas, Mark, Memento Park
Fiction - Schutt Schutt, Christine, Pure Hollywood and other stories
Fiction - Sharpe Sharpe, Tess, Barbed wire heart
Fiction - Shields Shields, Jody, The winter station :;a novel
Fiction - Shipman Shipman, Viola, The recipe box :;a novel with recipes
Fiction - Smith Smith, Michael F. The fighter :;a novel
Fiction - St. James St. James, Simone, The broken girls
Fiction - Steel Steel, Danielle, Accidental heroes :;a novel
Fiction - Tamirat Tamirat, Nafkote, The parking lot attendant :;a novel
Fiction - Tillman Tillman, Lynne, Men and apparitions :;a novel
Fiction - Tolstaia Tolstai︠a︡, Tatʹi︠a︡na, Aetherial worlds :;stories
Fiction - Vaughan Vaughan, Sarah, Anatomy of a scandal
Fiction - Vermette Vermette, Katherena, The break
Fiction - Wideman Wideman, John Edgar, American histories :;stories
Fiction - Wingate Wingate, Lisa, Before we were yours :;a novel
Fiction - Wolfson Wolfson, Brianna, Rosie colored glasses
Fiction -Vargas Llosa Vargas Llosa, Mario, The neighborhood :;a novel

  New Nonfiction


004 Evans Evans, Claire Lisa, Broad band :
152.4 Beam Beam, Cris, I feel you :;
152.4 King King, Vanessa 10 keys to happier living 
153.7 Pink Pink, Daniel H., When :;
155.2 Santella Santella, Andrew, Soon :
155.4 Stixrud Stixrud, William R., The self-driven child :;
155.5 Simmons Simmons, Rachel, Enough as she is :;
155.6 Taitz Taitz, Jennifer L., How to be single and happy :;
158 Bernstein Bernstein, Gabrielle, Judgment detox :;
158.1 Manson Manson, Mark, The subtle art of not giving a fuck :;
158.1 Sincero Sincero, Jen, You are a badass :;
225.92 Wright Wright, N. T. Paul :;a biography
270 Augustine Augustine, Confessions :;a new translation
294.3 Suzuki Suzuki, Shunryū, Zen mind, beginner's mind
296 Goodman Goodman, Martin, A history of Judaism
302.12 Taleb Taleb, Nassim Nicholas, Skin in the game
305.26 Leland Leland, John, Happiness is a choice you make :
305.42 Orenstein Orenstein, Peggy. Don't call me princess :;
305.8 Tong Tong, Scott, A village with my name :;
305.8924 Weisman Weisman, Jonathan, (((Semitism))) :;being Jewish in America 
306.09 Easterbrook Easterbrook, Gregg, It's better than it looks :
306.874 Isay Isay, Jane, Unconditional love :;
306.874 Ziegler Ziegler, Sheryl, Mommy burnout :
306.9 Kortes-Miller Kortes-Miller, Kathy, Dr. Talking About Death Won't Kill You :;
321.8 Can   Can it happen here? :;authoritarianism 
321.8 Levitsky Levitsky, Steven, How democracies die
322.3 Hertel-Fernandez Hertel-Fernandez, Alex, Politics at work :;
323.1 Theoharis Theoharis, Jeanne, A more beautiful and terrible history 
324.6 Weiss Weiss, Elaine F., The woman's hour :
327.12 Blum Blum, Howard, In the enemy's house :;
332.024 Thames Thames, Elizabeth Willard, Meet the Frugalwoods :;
333.3 Stoll Stoll, Steven, Ramp Hollow :;the ordeal of Appalachia
338.4 Harris Harris, Mark Grave matters :;
342.73 Charles Charles, Patrick J. Armed in America :
344.079 Mitrovich Mitrovich, Paul H Justice delayed :;
345.73 Peled Peled, Miko. Injustice :;
346.73 Winkler Winkler, Adam, We the corporations :;
362.19 Bowler Bowler, Kate, Everything happens for a reason :
363.28 Cantu Cantú, Francisco The line becomes a river
363.7 Mann Mann, Charles C., The wizard and the prophet :;
364.152 Patterson Patterson, James, All-American murder :;
364.973 Balko Balko, Radley, The cadaver king and the country dentist :;
381.45 Bezos Bezos, Jeffrey, First mover :;Jeff Bezos in his own words
523.4 Nataraj Nataraj, Nirmala, The planets :
559 Glassley Glassley, William E., A wilder time :;
576.8 Volk Volk, Tyler, Quarks to culture :;how we came to be
582 Dove Dove, Tony, Essential native trees and shrubs ;
598.1 Nicolson Nicolson, Adam, The seabird's cry
599.8 Fowler Fowler, John, A forest in the clouds :;
611 Yalom Yalom, Marilyn, The amorous heart :;
612.8 Lugavere Lugavere, Max, Genius foods :
613 Dusenbery Dusenbery, Maya, Doing harm :;the truth about how bad medicine 
616.8 Mosconi Mosconi, Lisa, Brain food :;t
616.849 Barone Barone, Daniel A., Let's talk about sleep :;
616.858 Price Price, Catherine, How to break up with your phone
618.1 Norman Norman, Abby, Ask me about my uterus :;
618.76 Fox Starr Fox Starr, Rebecca, Beyond the baby blues :
631.5 Brown Brown, George E. Essential pruning techniques :;
635.9 Gutierrez Gutierrez, Annette Goliti, Potted :
635.9 Vernon Vernon, Andy, The flower-powered garden :;
640 Su Su, Shia, Zero waste :;
641.5 Complete   The complete America's test kitchen  
641.5 Selengut Selengut, Becky, How to taste :;
641.52 Eight   Eight broads in the kitche
641.58 Instant   Instant Pot miracle 
641.59 JEWISH Shaya Shaya, Alon, Shaya :;an odyssey of food, 
641.59 VIETNAMESE Stauch Stauch, Cameron, Vegetarian Việt Nam
646.2 Lincecum Lincecum, Steffani, Sewing machine magic :
649.1 Haddad Haddad, Douglas, The ultimate guide to raising teens and tweens :
650.13 Lipman Lipman, Joanne, That's what she said :;
658.4 Botelho Botelho, Elena L., The CEO next door :;
658.8 McKee McKee, Robert, Storynomics :;s
745.4 Apfel Apfel, Iris Barrel, Iris Apfel :;Accidental Icon : 
746.44 Lunch   Lunch-hour embroidery :;
749 Whitney Whitney, Sue, Junk beautiful furniture refreshed :
759.5 LEONARDO Isaacson Isaacson, Walter, Leonardo da Vinci
791.43029 McGowan McGowan, Rose, Brave :;cult member,
791.43029 Press Press, Joy, Stealing the show :;
796.334 Bass Bass, Amy, One goal :;a coach, 
808 Dufresne Dufresne, John, Flash! :;writing the very short story
821 Kaur Kaur, Rupi, The sun and her flowers
821 Lee Lee, Li-Young, The undressing :;poems
823.009 AUSTEN Scheinman Scheinman, Ted, Camp Austen :;
828 Magris Magris, Claudio Journeyin
919.89 Larson Larson, Edward J. To the edges of the Earth :;1909, 
920 MEALER Mealer Mealer, Bryan, The kings of big spring :
920 ONASSIS Taraborrelli Taraborrelli, J. Randy, Jackie, Janet & Lee :;l
921 Banville Banville, John, Time pieces :;a Dublin memoir
921 Davies Davies, Dawn Mothers of Sparta :;a memoir in pieces
921 FAIRCHILD, D. Stone Stone, Daniel The food explorer :;
921 Knausgaard Knausgård, Karl Ove, Winter
921 Kuusisto Kuusisto, Stephen, Have dog, will travel :;a poet's journey
921 Lloyd Webber Lloyd Webber, Andrew, Unmasked
921 MARSHALL, J. Paul Paul, Joel R., Without precedent :;John Marshall and his times
921 McDermott McDermott, Zack, Gorilla and the bird :;
921 Murphy Murphy, Finn, The long haul :;
921 O'Farrell O'Farrell, Maggie, I am, I am, I am :;
921 SPOERRY Hemingway Heminway, John Hylan, In full flight :
921 VALADON Hewitt Hewitt, Catherine, Renoir's dancer :
921 Westover Westover, Tara, Educated :;a memoir
940.53 Bank Bank, Richard D. I am Terezin : a memoi
945.5 Hollingsworth Hollingsworth, Mary, The Family Medici :;
951.06 Dychtwald Dychtwald, Zak, Young China :;
956.7 Young Young, Matt, Eat the apple :;a memoir
956.91 Abouzeid Abouzeid, Rania, No turning back :
956.94 Brenner Brenner, Michael, In search of Israel :
956.94 Sefarad Sefarad, Mikhaʼel, The wall and the gate
958.1 Coll Coll, Steve, Directorate S :
970.01 Butman Butman, John, New world, inc.
971.9 Castner Castner, Brian, Disappointment River :
972.9 Feiling Feiling, Tom, The island that disappeared 
973.4 Kerrison Kerrison, Catherine, Jefferson's daughters :;
973.933 Frum Frum, David, Trumpocracy :
973.933 Isikoff Isikoff, Michael, Russian roulette :
973.933 Johnston Johnston, David Cay, It's even worse than you think :;
973.933 Kurtz Kurtz, Howard, Media madness :;


DVD - Actor's   An actor's revenge
DVD - All   All the President's men
DVD - Atomic   Atomic Blonde
DVD - Clash   ʼIštibāk =;Clash
DVD - Darkest   Darkest hour
DVD - Florida   The Florida project
DVD - Game [TV Series Seventh season]   Game of thrones.;The complete seventh season
DVD - Good [TV Series Season one]   The Good Place.;Season one
DVD - Hero   The hero
DVD - Kill   Kill baby... kill!
DVD - Lady   Lady Bird
DVD - Man   The man who invented Christmas
DVD - Moonstone [BBC Mystery]   The moonstone
DVD - Murder   Murder on the Orient Express
DVD - Shape   The shape of water
DVD - Suburbicon   Suburbicon
DVD - Three   Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
DVD - Tom   Tom Jones
DVD - Victoria [TV Series Second season]   Victoria.;The complete second seaso
DVD - Vie   La vie de Jean-Marie
DVD 306.76 Real   Real boy
DVD 384 Dawson   Dawson City :;frozen time
DVD 551 Blue   Blue planet II
DVD 551 Earth   Earth :;one amazing day
DVD 681.6 California   California typewriter


New Mysteries


Mystery - Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, The Darling Dahlias and the unlucky clover
Mystery - Bruns Bruns, Don, No second chances
Mystery - Cleeves Cleeves, Ann, Hidden depths
Mystery - George George, Elizabeth, The punishment she deserves
Mystery - Hall Hall, Parnell, The purloined puzzle
Mystery - Jance Jance, Judith A., Duel to the death :;an Ali Reynolds novel
Mystery - Leon Leon, Donna, The temptation of forgiveness
Mystery - Wilson Wilson, Andrew, A different kind of evil :;a novel

New Large Print Books

LT - Joyce Joyce, Rachel, The music shop :;a novel
LT 921 BIDEN, J. Biden Biden, Joseph R., Promise me, Dad :;a year of hope, hardship, and purpose

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