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Friday's hours
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Friday's hours
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New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections.You can connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465.

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New Fiction

Fiction - Abrams Abrams, David, Brave deeds
Fiction - Adebayo Adebayo, Ayobami, Stay with me
Fiction - Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, Loving Eleanor :;a novel
Fiction - Avdic Avdic, Asa, The dying game :;a novel
Fiction - Binet Binet, Laurent, The seventh function of language
Fiction - Boyne Boyne, John, The heart's invisible furies
Fiction - Clancy Maden, Mike, Tom Clancy point of contact
Fiction - Clemmons Clemmons, Zinzi, What we lose :;a novel
Fiction - Cook Cook, Robin, Charlatans
Fiction - Culliton Culliton, Emily, The misfortune of Marion Palm :;a novel
Fiction - Cussler Cussler, Clive, Nighthawk :;a novel from the NUMA Files
Fiction - Fraser Fraser, Gail R. Lost in Lumby :;the sixth novel of the Lumby series
Fiction - Gelman Gelman, Laurie, Class mom :;a novel
Fiction - Gregory Gregory, Philippa, The last Tudor
Fiction - Groen Groen, Hendrik, The secret diary of Hendrik Groen
Fiction - Gross Gross, Andrew, The saboteur
Fiction - Handler Handler, Daniel, All the dirty parts :;a novel
Fiction - Harrington Harrington, Laura, A catalog of birds
Fiction - Hartsuyker Hartsuyker, Linnea, The half-drowned king :;a novel
Fiction - Hay Hay, Ashley, The body in the clouds :;a novel
Fiction - Holmberg Holmberg, Charlie N., The fifth doll
Fiction - Huber Huber, Laurel Davis, The velveteen daughter :;a novel
Fiction - Iskandrian Iskandrian, Kristen, Motherest :;a novel
Fiction - Kadish Kadish, Rachel, The weight of ink
Fiction - Keller Keller, Julia, Fast falls the night
Fiction - Kingsnorth Kingsnorth, Paul, Beast :;a novel
Fiction - Kwan Kwan, Kevin, Rich people problems :;a novel
Fiction - Lapena Lapeña, Shari, A stranger in the house
Fiction - MacLaverty MacLaverty, Bernard, Midwinter break
Fiction - Mallery Mallery, Susan, Happily Inc..;01 :;You say it first
Fiction - Messud Messud, Claire, The burning girl :;a novel
Fiction - Osborne Osborne, Lawrence, Beautiful animals :;a novel
Fiction - Pamuk Pamuk, Orhan, The red-haired woman
Fiction - Perrotta Perrotta, Tom, Mrs. Fletcher :;a novel
Fiction - Phillips Phillips, Gin, Fierce kingdom
Fiction - Pulley Pulley, Natasha The Bedlam Stack
Fiction - Reid Reid, Taylor Jenkins, The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo :;a novel
Fiction - Richtel Richtel, Matt, Dead on arrival :;a novel
Fiction - Rothmann Rothmann, Ralf, To die in spring :;a novel
Fiction - Schmidt Schmidt, Sarah, See what I have done
Fiction - Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, Exposed
Fiction - Shamsie Shamsie, Kamila, Home fire
Fiction - Shelby Shelby, Ashley, South Pole Station :;a novel
Fiction - Slaughter Slaughter, Karin, The good daughter
Fiction - Stephenson Stephenson, Neal, The rise and fall of D.O.D.O. :;a novel
Fiction - Tallent Tallent, Gabriel, My absolute darling :;a novel
Fiction - Wiggs Wiggs, Susan, Map of the heart
Fiction - Williams Williams, David When the English fall :;a novel
Fiction - Wingate Wingate, Lisa, Before we were yours :;a novel
Fiction - Woods Woods, Stuart, Barely legal :;a Herbie Fisher novel
Fiction - Zevin Zevin, Gabrielle, Young Jane Young :;a novel
Fiction - Zhang Zhang, Jenny, Sour heart :;stories

  New Nonfiction

150.19 Crews Crews, Frederick C., Freud :;the making of an illusion
248 DiFelice DiFelice, Bekah. Almost there
294.3 Wright Wright, Robert, Why Buddhism is true 
302 Kravetz Kravetz, Lee Daniel, Strange contagion :
305.5 Williams Williams, Joan, White working class :
305.56 Gidla Gidla, Sujatha, Ants among elephants :;
305.8 Trillin Trillin, Calvin, Jackson, 1964
320.51 Luce Luce, Edward, The retreat of western liberalism
321.9 Snyder Snyder, Timothy. On tyranny :;twenty lessons 
324.973 Green Green, Joshua, Devil's bargain :;
327.12 Hemming Hemming, Henry, Agent M :;
330.973 Alexander Alexander, Brian, Glass house :
333.72 Kalmus Kalmus, Peter, Being the change :;
363.35 Graff Graff, Garrett M., Raven Rock :;t
364.152 Stapinski Stapinski, Helene, Murder in Matera :
417 McWhorter McWhorter, John H., Words on the move :
500 Dawkins Dawkins, Richard, Science in the soul :
509 Oxford   The Oxford illustrated history of science
546 Jackson Jackson, Tom, The elements book :;
576.8 Losos Losos, Jonathan B., Improbable destinies 
610 Lipsky Lipsky, Laura van Dernoot. Trauma stewardship :;
613 Garcia García, Héctor, Ikigai :
613.7 Rountree Rountree, Sage Hamilton, Lifelong yoga :
616.831 Budson Budson, Andrew E., Seven steps to managing your memory :
616.85 Higashida Higashida, Naoki, Fall down 7 times get up 8 
616.85 Warner Warner, Patricia Rosalind Will you love me when I'm fat?: 
617.56 Ramin Ramin, Cathryn Jakobson, Crooked :
618.92 Jong Jong, Pia de, Saving Charlotte :;
635.965 Peerless Peerless, Veronica. How not to kill your houseplant :
641.3 Shapiro Shapiro, Laura, What she ate :;
641.5 Whaite Whaite, John, Perfect plates in 5 ingredients
641.65 Stovel Stovel, Edith, The pumpkin cookbook :;
641.83 Food52   Food52 mighty salads :
641.8654 Perfect   The perfect cookie :
650.14 Bolles Bolles, Richard Nelson. What color is your parachute?
746.432 Barnden Barnden, Betty, 350+ knitting tips, techniques, and trade secrets
746.434 Eaton Eaton, Jan, 350+ crochet tips, techniques, and trade secrets
751.7 Hadsel Hadsel, Christine, Suspended worlds :;
759.1 O'KEEFFE Corn Corn, Wanda M., Georgia O'Keeffe :;living modern
780.92 VAUGHAN, S. Hayes Hayes, Elaine M., Queen of bebop :;
781.6 Weigel Weigel, David, The show that never ends 
809.9 Zapruder Zapruder, Matthew, Why poetry
821 Bang Bang, Mary Jo, A doll for throwing :;poems
823.009 BRONTE Pfordresher Pfordresher, John, The secret history of Jane Eyre :;
823.9 Goldstein Goldstein, Bill, The world broke in two :;
920 Lucey Lucey, Donna M., Sargent's women :
920 New   The New York Times book of the dead 
921 BARNARD, A. Taylor Taylor, Stephen, Defiance :;
921 BETTENCOURT, L. Sancton Sancton, Thomas The Bettencourt affair :;
921 Bourdain Bourdain, Anthony. Kitchen confidential :;
921 Brierley Brierley, Saroo, A long way home
921 Ford Ford, Richard, Between them :;
921 Gisleson Gisleson, Anne, The Futilitarians :
921 Hood Hood, Ann, Morningstar :;growing up with books
921 Knausgaard Knausgård, Karl Ove, Autumn
921 Lockwood Lockwood, Patricia, Priestdaddy
921 Moghul Moghul, Haroon, How to be a Muslim 
921 Parazynski Parazynski, Scott, The sky below
921 Rushin Rushin, Steve, Sting-ray afternoons :;a memoir
921 Shapiro Shapiro, Dani, Hourglass :;time, memory, marriage
940.53 Aleksievich Aleksievich, Svetlana, The unwomanly face of war :
940.54 Mulley Mulley, Clare, The women who flew for Hitler :
947.083 Montefiore Sebag Montefiore, Simon, The Romanovs :;1613-1918
947.086 Lourie Lourie, Richard, Putin 
947.086 Myers Myers, Steven Lee, The new tsar 
951.9 Korea   Korea reborn : 
956 De Bellaigue De Bellaigue, Christopher, The Islamic enlightenment :
973.933 Gingrich Gingrich, Newt, Understanding Trump


DVD - 599 - Becoming   Becoming human :;[unearthing our earliest ancestors]
DVD - 631.5 - Seed   Seed :;the untold story
DVD - 792.8 - First   First position
DVD - 948.02 - Vikings   The Vikings
DVD - Age   The age of shadows
DVD - Atonement   Atonement
DVD - Big [TV Series Season 1]   Big little lies
DVD - Billions [TV Series Season two]   Billions.;Season two
DVD - Boondocks [TV Series - Second Season]   The boondocks.;The complete second season
DVD - Bullets   Bullets over Broadway
DVD - Chef's   The chef's wife
DVD - Circle   The Circle
DVD - Dark   Dark angel
DVD - Dr.   Dr. No
DVD - Frantz   Frantz
DVD - From   From Russia with love
DVD - Game [TV Series First season]   Game of thrones.;The complete first season
DVD - Game [TV Series Fourth season]   Game of thrones.;The complete fourth season
DVD - Get   Get out
DVD - Ghostbusters   Ghostbusters
DVD - Glory   Glory
DVD - Going   Going in style
DVD - Goldfinger   Goldfinger
DVD - Grantchester [BBC Mystery Third season]   Grantchester.;The complete third season
DVD - Great [TV Series]   The great war
DVD - Hannah   Hannah and her sisters
DVD - Heli   Heli
DVD - Hippopotamus   The hippopotamus
DVD - Indian [TV Series Second season]   Indian summers.;The complete second season
DVD - Life   Life with father
DVD - Lost   The lost city of Z
DVD - Lovers   The lovers
DVD - Midsomer [BBC Mystery Series 19-1]   Midsomer murders.;Series 19, part 1
DVD - Missing [TV Series - Season 2]   The missing.;Season 2
DVD - Murdoch [BBC Myst Season 10]   Murdoch mysteries.;Season 10
DVD - My [TV Series]   My mother and other strangers
DVD - Neruda   Neruda
DVD - Norman   Norman :;the moderate rise and tragic fall of a New York fixer
DVD - Orange [TV Series Season four]   Orange is the new black.;Season four
DVD - Poirot [BBC Mystery - Set 3]   Agatha Christie's Poirot.;[Set 3] :;the classic collection
DVD - Poirot [BBC Mystery Set 6]   Agatha Christie Poirot.;Set 6 :;the movie collection
DVD - Remember [BBC Myst]   Remember me
DVD - Seventh   Sjunde inseglet =;The seventh seal
DVD - Their   Their finest
DVD - Ugetsu   Ugetsu
DVD - Wakefield   Wakefield
DVD 303.625 Oklahoma   Oklahoma City
DVD 613.7 Yoga   Yoga for everyone
DVD 759.9492 Secrets   Secrets of the dead.;Van Gogh's ear
DVD 791.43 Mifune   Mifune :;the last samurai : a documentary about Toshiro Mifune
DVD 917.291 Weekend   Weekend in Havana
DVD 917.8 Great   Great Basin :;caves, trains & wide open spaces
DVD 918.66 Voyage   Voyage to the Galapagos
DVD 920 Bohm   Concrete love :;the architecture of the Böhm family
DVD 920 Obit   Obit.
DVD 972.01 Cracking   Cracking the Maya code
DVD 974.4 Discoveries   Discoveries, America national parks.;Historic Massachusetts, pilgrims to the 21st century


New Mysteries

Mystery - Bown Bowen, Rhys. On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Servic
Mystery - Buckley Buckley, Fiona, A deadly betrothal
Mystery - Cotterill Cotterill, Colin, The rat catchers' olympics
Mystery - Fairstein Fairstein, Linda A., Deadfall
Mystery - Goldman Goldman, Matt, Gone to dust
Mystery - Grafton Grafton, Sue, Y is for yesterday
Mystery - Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan, Crime scene :;a novel
Mystery - Krueger Krueger, William Kent, Sulfur Springs
Mystery - MacNeal MacNeal, Susan Elia, The Paris spy :;a Maggie Hope mystery
Mystery - Muller Muller, Marcia, The color of fear
Mystery - Norton Norton, Graham, Holding :;a novel
Mystery - Penny Penny, Louise, Glass houses :;a novel
Mystery - Pryor Pryor, Mark, The Sorbonne affair :;a Hugo Marston novel


New Large Print Books

LT - Cameron Cameron, W. Bruce, A dog's way home

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