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New Items

Below are new titles added by the Lincoln Library during the  previous month for a few of our most popular circulating collections.You can connect to the Minuteman Library Network by clicking on the title to see if the item is available or to place a hold for it.

If you have any questions please call the Reference Department at 781-259-8465.

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New Fiction

Fiction - Backman Backman, Fredrik, Us against you :;a novel
Fiction - Blum Blum, Jenna, The lost family :;a novel
Fiction - Buckley Buckley, Christopher, The judge hunter
Fiction - Burton Burton, Tara Isabella, Social creature :;a novel
Fiction - Carey Carey, Jacqueline, Starless
Fiction - Cohen Cohen, Jon, Harry's trees
Fiction - Connolly Connolly, John, The woman in the woods
Fiction - Crace Crace, Jim, The melody :;a novel
Fiction - Cusk Cusk, Rachel, Kudos
Fiction - DeFino DeFino, Terri-Lynne. Bar Harbor retirement home for famous writers (and their muses) :;a novel
Fiction - Delinsky Delinsky, Barbara, Before and again :;a novel
Fiction - Dybek Dybek, Nick, The Verdun Affair :;a Novel
Fiction - Evans Evans, Richard Paul, The forgotten road
Fiction - Gay Gay, Roxane, Ayiti
Fiction - Giffin Giffin, Emily, All we ever wanted :;a novel
Fiction - Groff Groff, Lauren, Florida
Fiction - Hall Hall, Araminta, Our kind of cruelty
Fiction - Hartov Hartov, Steven, The soul of a thief :;a novel
Fiction - Hecht Hecht, Daniel, On Brassard's Farm :;a novel
Fiction - Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, The perfect couple :;a novel
Fiction - House House, Silas, Southernmost :;a novel
Fiction - Hummel Hummel, Maria, Still lives :;a novel
Fiction - Jackson Jackson, D. B., Small moving parts
Fiction - John John, David, Star of the North :;a novel
Fiction - Johnson Johnson, Caleb Treeborne :;a novel
Fiction - Joukhadar Joukhadar, Jennifer Zeynab, The map of salt and stars
Fiction - Kuang Kuang, R. F. The poppy war
Fiction - Laukkanen Laukkanen, Owen, Gale force
Fiction - Li Li, Lillian, Number one Chinese restaurant :;a novel
Fiction - Makkai Makkai, Rebecca, The great believers
Fiction - McLaughlin McLaughlin, James A., Bearskin
Fiction - Mirza Mirza, Fatima Farheen, A place for us :;a novel
Fiction - Molloy Molloy, Aimee, The perfect mother :;a novel
Fiction - Nay Nay, Roz, Our little secret
Fiction - Orange Orange, Tommy, There there
Fiction - Paris Paris, B. A., Bring me back
Fiction - Patterson Patterson, James, The 17th suspect
Fiction - Pearl Pearl, Matthew, The Dante chamber
Fiction - Pearson Pearson, Allison, How hard can it be?
Fiction - Pekkanen Pekkanen, Sarah, The ever after :;a novel
Fiction - Preston Preston, Douglas J., The pharaoh key :;a Gideon Crew novel
Fiction - Roberts Roberts, Nora, Shelter in place
Fiction - Schwarz Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran, The possible world :;a novel
Fiction - Soli Soli, Tatjana, The Removes
Fiction - Tapper Tapper, Jake, The Hellfire Club :;a novel
Fiction - Thomson Thomson, Rupert Never Anyone but Yo
Fiction - Tremblay Tremblay, Paul, The cabin at the end of the world :;a novel
Fiction - Ware Ware, Ruth, The death of Mrs. Westaway
Fiction - Weir Weir, Meghan MacLean, The book of Essie
Fiction - Weisberger Weisberger, Lauren, When life gives you lululemons :;a novel
Fiction - Wiggs Wiggs, Susan, Between you & me :;a novel
Fiction - Winton Winton, Tim, The shepherd's hut
Fiction - Woods Woods, Stuart, Turbulence

  New Nonfiction


305.4 Saini Saini, Angela, Inferior :;how science got women wrong
306.362 DeWolf DeWolf, Thomas Norman, Gather at the table :;
306.87 Harrington Harrington, Kimberly, Amateur hour :;motherhood in essays and swear words
327.73 Farrow Farrow, Ronan, War on peace :;the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence
333.79 Rhodes Rhodes, Richard, Energy :;a human history
371.1 Bauer Bauer, Susan Wise, Rethinking school :;how to take charge of your child's education
378.1 Nathan Nathan, Linda, When grit isn't enough :
523.1 Frank Frank, Adam, Light of the stars :;alien worlds and the fate of the Earth
551.4 Rush Rush, Elizabeth A., Rising :;dispatches from the new American shore
551.48 Stager Stager, Curt, Still waters :;the secret world of lakes
576.5 Zimmer Zimmer, Carl, She has her mother's laugh 
581.974 Haines Haines, Arthur. New England Wildflower Society's flora Novae Angliae :
612.3 Goldstein Goldstein, Myrna Chandler, Vitamins and minerals :;fact versus fiction
615.78 Pollan Pollan, Michael, How to change your mind :;
617.7 Anshel Anshel, Jeffrey, What you must know about age-related macular degeneration :;
618.92 Taylor Taylor, Lori Ashley, Dragonfly :;a daughter's emergence from autism: a
638 Black Black, Scott Hoffman, Gardening for butterflies :;
639.92 Lawson Lawson, Nancy, The humane gardener :;nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife
641.5 Gaines Gaines, Joanna, Magnolia table :;a collection of recipes for gathering
641.59 ENGLISH River   River Cafe London :;
641.59 ISLAMIC Helou Helou, Anissa, Feast :;food of the Islamic world
641.59 ITALIAN Helman-Minchilli Helman-Minchilli, Elizabeth, Eating my way through Italy :
712 Takacs Takacs, Claire, Dreamscapes :;inspiration and beauty in gardens near and far
821 Bullets   Bullets into bells :;poets & citizens respond to gun violence
821 Karr Karr, Mary, Tropic of squalor :;poems
824 Chee Chee, Alexander, How to write an autobiographical novel :;essays
827 Sedaris Sedaris, David, Calypso
921 Al Samawi Al Samawi, Mohammed, The fox hunt :;a refugee's memoir of coming to America
921 Liptrot Liptrot, Amy, The outrun
921 Lively Lively, Penelope, Life in the garden
921 Schwenke Schwenke, Chloe, Self-ish :;a transgender journey toward wholeness
921 SHELLEY, M. Sampson Sampson, Fiona, In search of Mary Shelley
921 Tydings Tydings, Joseph D. My life in progressive politics :;against the grain
973 Meacham Meacham, Jon, The soul of America :;the battle for our better angels
974.8 Roker Roker, Al, Ruthless tide :;




DVD - After   After love
DVD - Black   Black Panther
DVD - Black   Black Panther
DVD - Broken [TV Series]   Broken
DVD - Call [TV Series Season seven]   Call the midwife.;Season seven
DVD - Dear [TV Series Series 1]   Dear murderer.;Series 1
DVD - Fifteen   The 15:17 to Paris
DVD - Fifty   Fifty shades freed
DVD - Film   Film stars don't die in Liverpool
DVD - Heartstone   Hjartasteinn =;Heartstone
DVD - Little   Little women
DVD - Little   Little women
DVD - Loch [BBC Mystery Series 1]   Loch Ness.;Series 1
DVD - Maina   Maïna :;an unusual love story
DVD - Midnight   Midnight
DVD - Milk [TV Series Season 1]   Milk Street.;Season 1
DVD - Mum [TV Series Season one]   Mum.;Season one
DVD - Munich   Munich
DVD - Nero [TV Series]   Nero Wolfe
DVD - Stopover   The stopover
DVD - Thelma   Thelma
DVD - Unforgotten   Unforgotten.;The complete second season
DVD - Unforgotten [BBC Mystery First season]   Unforgotten.;The complete first season
DVD - Victoria [TV Series Second season]   Victoria.;The complete second seaso
DVD 362.86 Weight   The weight of honor
DVD 378.1 Tell   Tell them we are rising
DVD 595.7 Sex   Nature.;Sex, lies and butterflies
DVD 598.3 Egret   Egret :;the dramas of life and death
DVD 613.7 Qi   Qi Gong for healthy joints
DVD 782.1 Paris   L'opéra
DVD 921 Goodall   Jane
DVD 940.53 Great   Great escape at Dunkirk
DVD 940.54 Secret   The secret of Tuxedo Park
DVD 956.94 Settlers   The settlers


New Mysteries

Mystery - Clinton Clinton, Bill, The president is missing :;a novel
Mystery - Greenlaw Greenlaw, Linda, Bimini twist
Mystery - Horowitz Horowitz, Anthony, The word is murder :;a novel
Mystery - Khan Khan, Vaseem, Murder at the Grand Raj Palace
Mystery - King King, Laurie R., Island of the mad :;a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
Mystery - Moody Moody, Susan, Quick on the draw
Mystery - Walker Walker, Martin, A taste for vengeance :;a Bruno, chief of police novel

New Large Print Books

LT - Adichie Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, Americanah :;a novel
LT - Alam Alam, Rumaan, That kind of mother
LT - Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, The general's women
LT - Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay, The high tide club
LT - Backman Backman, Fredrik, Beartown
LT - Baldacci Baldacci, David, The fallen
LT - Balogh Balogh, Mary, Someone to care
LT - Beard Beard, Janet, The atomic city girls
LT - Benjamin Benjamin, Chloe, The immortalists
LT - Benjamin Benjamin, Melanie, The girls in the picture
LT - Blundell Blundell, Judy, The high season :;a novel
LT - Burke Burke, James Lee, House of the rising sun
LT - Carr Carr, Robyn, The family gathering
LT - Chamberlain Chamberlain, Diane, The stolen marriage
LT - Clark Clark, Mary Higgins, I've got my eyes on you
LT - Clarke Clarke, Richard A. Pinnacle event
LT - Coleman Coleman, Reed Farrel, Robert B. Parker's debt to pay
LT - Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Chaos :;a Scarpetta novel
LT - Coulter Coulter, Catherine, The end game :;a Brit in the FBI novel
LT - Coulter Coulter, Catherine Enigm
LT - Coulter Coulter, Catherine, The sixth day
LT - Cussler Cussler, Clive, The Romanov ransom :;a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure
LT - Defino DeFino, Terri-Lynne, The Bar Harbor retirement home for famous writers (and their muses) :;a novel
LT - Elliott Elliott, Lexie, The French girl
LT - Evans Evans, Richard Paul, The forgotten road
LT - Finder Finder, Joseph, Guilty minds
LT - Frank Frank, Dorothea Benton, By invitation only :;a novel
LT - Fuller Fuller, Alexandra, Quiet until the thaw
LT - Fuller Fuller, Claire, Swimming lessons
LT - Gardner Gardner, Lisa, Look for me :;a novel
LT - Gordon Gordon, Mary, There your heart lies
LT - Green Green, Jane, The Sunshine sisters
LT - Groff Groff, Lauren, Florida
LT - Helprin Helprin, Mark, Paris in the present tense
LT - Irving Irving, John, Avenue of mysteries
LT - Kerr Kerr, Philip, Greeks bearing gifts
LT - Koontz Koontz, Dean R. The crooked staircase
LT - Lee Lee, Mira T., Everything here is beautiful
LT - Leon Leon, Donna, Earthly remains
LT - Lescroart Lescroart, John T., Poison
LT - Lippman Lippman, Laura, Sunburn :;a novel
LT - Lock Lock, Norman, A fugitive in Walden Woods
LT - Mallery Mallery, Susan, Sisters like us
LT - Matthews Matthews, Jason, The Kremlin's candidate
LT - Mayes Mayes, Frances, Women in sunlight :;a novel
LT - McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, The good pilot Peter Woodhouse :;a novel
LT - McLain McLain, Paula, Love and ruin :;a novel
LT - McLaughlin McLaughlin, James A., Bearskin
LT - McLaughlin McLaughlin, James A., Bearskin
LT - Meltzer Meltzer, Brad, The escape artist
LT - Michaels Michaels, Fern, High stakes
LT - Michaels Michaels, Fern, Sweet vengeance
LT - Nguyen Nguyen, Viet Thanh, The sympathizer
LT - Pataki Pataki, Allison, Where the light falls :;a novel of the French Revolution
LT - Pearl Pearl, Matthew, The Dante chamber
LT - Preston Preston, Douglas J., City of endless night :;a Pendergast novel
LT - Quick Quick, Amanda, The girl who knew too much
LT - Quick Quick, Amanda, The other lady vanishes
LT - Quindlen Quindlen, Anna, Alternate side
LT - Reardon Reardon, Bryan, The real Michael Swann :;a novel
LT - Sandford Sandford, John, Deep freeze
LT - Sandford Sandford, John, Golden prey
LT - Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, One perfect lie
LT - Steel Steel, Danielle, Accidental heroes :;a novel
LT - Steel Steel, Danielle, Fall from grace :;a novel
LT - Thor Thor, Brad, Use of force
LT - Towles Towles, Amor, A gentleman in Moscow
LT - Voight Voigt, Cynthia, By any name
LT - Weir Weir, Alison, Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen
LT - Willig Willig, Lauren, The English wife
LT - Winman Winman, Sarah, Tin man
LT - Woods Woods, Stuart, Shoot first :;(think later)
LT - Zevin Zevin, Gabrielle, Young Jane Young
LT 320.01 Rather Rather, Dan, What unites us :;reflections on patriotism
LT 320.5 Albright Albright, Madeleine Korbel, Fascism :;a warning
LT 591.68 Mezrich Mezrich, Ben, Woolly 
LT 613.2 Hyman Hyman, Mark, Food :;what the heck should I eat?
LT 615.78 Pollan Pollan, Michael, How to change your mind :;
LT 616.042 Mukherjee Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene :;an intimate history
LT 616.831 Devi Devi, Gayatri, The spectrum of hope :;
LT 824 Smith Smith, Zadie, Feel free :;essays
LT 921 GRANT Chernow Chernow, Ron, Grant
LT 921 Maynard Maynard, Joyce, The best of us :;a memoir
LT 921 ROOSEVELT, F.D. Dallek Dallek, Robert, Franklin D. Roosevelt :;a political life
LT 940.54 Miller Miller, Scott, Agent 110 :;an American spymaster and the German resistance in WWII
LT 973 Meacham Meacham, Jon, Soul of America :;the battle for our better angels
LT 973.933 Kessler Kessler, Ronald, The Trump White House :;changing the rules of the game
LT Myst - Atherton Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity and the widow's curse
LT Myst - Atkins Atkins, Ace, Little white lies
LT Myst - Atkins Atkins, Ace, Robert B. Parker's Old black magic
LT Myst - Bannister Bannister, Jo Other Countries: A British Police Procedura
LT Myst - Beaton Beaton, M. C., Dishing the dirt :;an Agatha Raisin mystery
LT Myst - Beaton Beaton, M. C., The witches' tree :;an Agatha Raisin mystery
LT Myst - Beaton Beaton, M. C., The witches' tree :;an Agatha Raisin mystery
LT Myst - Bradley Bradley, C. Alan, The grave's a fine and private place
LT Myst - Fellowes Fellowes, Jessica, The Mitford murders :;a mystery
LT Myst - Grimes Grimes, Martha, The knowledge :;a Richard Jury mystery
LT Myst - Harris Harris, Charlaine, Sleep like a baby
LT Myst - Hillerman Hillerman, Anne, Cave of Bones :;
LT Myst - James James, P. D., Sleep no more :;six murderous tales
LT Myst - Johansen Johansen, Iris, No easy target
LT Myst - Johansen Johansen, Iris, Shadow play :;an Eve Duncan novel
LT Myst - Johansen Johansen, Iris, Shattered mirror
LT Myst - Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan, Night moves
LT Myst - Perry Perry, Anne, An echo of murder :;a William Monk novel
LT Myst - Robb Robb, J. D., Dark in death
LT Myst - Todd Todd, Charles, The gate keeper :;an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery

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